1. Staff Personnel
  2. Line Personnel

Staff personnel of the Emporia Fire Department include the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal, Training Officer, Fire Administrative Assistant, and Billing Clerks.

Fire Chief

The Fire Chief works closely with the City Manager to provide the resources necessary for the other staff officers and line personnel to function. It is this position which provides overall direction and supervision of the department. The Chief also plays a key role in keeping the public informed as to the functions of the department, and its role within the community. This is accomplished by visits to various civic groups, personal contacts, and working with other organizations throughout the community. He also serves on community boards and groups to further enhance the community and the department's relationship with the City.

Deputy Chief

The Deputy Chief has the primary function of the emergency medical services of the department. He is responsible for keeping abreast of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) matters and ensuring our compliance with ever changing State laws and regulations relating to this service. While the Chief attends many state wide meetings regarding fire suppression, the Deputy Chief attends similar meetings regarding EMS matters.

Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal is the primary fire code enforcement officer within the department. He works closely with contractors and business owners to provide a fire safe environment for people to shop and conduct business. He is also responsible for providing educational programs for the school children in the community. Several line personnel are trained to assist with the routine code compliance inspections, with follow up and unusual situations being referred up to the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal works closely with the Chief on questions requiring interpretations of the Uniform Fire Code, and with the Building Inspection Department on Cereal Malt Beverage License inspections.

Finally, the Fire Marshal is lead investigator for all fires which we respond to in the City of Emporia, and receives help in this field from shift investigators who receive extensive training in areas of all fire cause and determination.

Administrative Assistant Fire / Housing Enforcement Specialist

The Administrative Assistant for the fire department works a 40 hour work week and serves as the receptionist-telephone console operator throughout that week. This position is the first contact members of the public generally have with staff and administrative functions of the department. Currently the person in this position also serves as a Housing Enforcement Specialist for the City of Emporia. This position fields questions and gives information out to renters and homeowners pertaining to proper housing requirements.