Building Trades Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • 4th Monday of every month
  • City Conference Room 1AB


Vacancies: 2

The Building Trades Board members represent the following trades; one Architect or Engineer (licensed within the State of Kansas), two Class "A" Building Contractors, two certified Master Plumbers, two certified Master Electricians, two certified Mechanical Appliance Installers, and two lay persons. The Chief Building Official or his authorized representative will act as an ex-officio member and shall be the Board Secretary. The purpose of the board is as follows: examining and passing upon the qualifications of a person seeking certification within the building trades as required by applicable ordinances; to act as an appeals board for persons aggrieved by a decision of the Building Official or who feels the use of alternate materials or methods is justified, or feels the codes do not adequately cover a point in question; to act as a code committee recommending to the Governing Body any changes necessary to keep the City Codes governing the building trades current and up to date.

Members serve a three-year term which expires on December 31 and members may not serve more than two consecutive terms. 

Board Members must reside within the boundaries of Lyon County.


  • Kory Krause, City Liaison
  • Travis Hitt
  • Peter Hauff
  • Shawn Garriott
  • Jessie Liggett
  • K.C. Crist
  • Carl Richardson
  • Lenny Spellman
  • Ron Ewing
  • Les Barnhart