City of Emporia Communications promotes the City of Emporia and informs its stakeholders and community members about city events, news, and achievements. Communications publishes the city’s marketing and promotional materials, maintains the city’s website, and oversees city-wide social media. It also works with media outlets and facilitates award community engagement activities.

Image, Style, and Branding

Communications oversees city branding. The City of Emporia strives for its brand to convey professionalism and competency to our community members and other partners, and establish trust and credibility among our stakeholders. The City of Emporia communications pieces should be recognizable as such by the branding, even pieces from individual cities.

The City of Emporia Communications oversees city logo usage. The use of city images should be approved by Communications. Branding must follow the city guidelines.

Receiving Communications from the City of Emporia

Information sent to City of Emporia community members comes from the city Communications through MyAlerts, City of Emporia website, city sponsored social media pages, and E-Newsletters. It is important to keep contact information up to date so that messages are received.

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