Animal Wish List

The zoo has put together a list of items that the animals at the Zoo would enjoy.  While the Zoo provides food and shelter for the animals, the keepers create stimulating environments for them using enrichment techniques.  They introduce new foods, smells, and other toys into the animals’ habitats to provide them opportunities to engage in natural behaviors.  

Help treat the animals at the zoo by bringing them something they can sniff, stomp, chew or chase!

From the Store

Spices and perfumes, paper bags, blankets, towels, Kong toys, bird toys and feeders, dog toys, rawhides, paintbrushes, canvas, non-toxic child-proof paints, magic markers, construction paper, buttons, paint brushes (all sizes), and pipe cleaners

Gently Use Items:

Towels, blankets, pots & pans, knives, pet beds, milk crates, Rubbermaid totes, three (3) or five (5) gallon buckets, plastic containers with lids, and a portable radio with cd player.

Other Zoo Needs:

Wet/dry vacs, industrial brooms, leaf rakes, floor squeegees, leaf blowers, pressure washers, spotting scope, chain saw, and hand tools

Gift Cards

L& L Pets, Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Country Mart, Sutherlands, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon