Is smoking allowed in private offices or break rooms?

No, smoking is not allowed in private offices or break rooms.

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1. How will the Statewide Smoking Ban affect the local Smoking Ordinance?
2. What does the smoking ban cover?
3. When does the Statewide Smoking Ban go into effect?
4. Is smoking allowed in private offices or break rooms?
5. Can a hotel/motel have "smoking" rooms?
6. Does this affect day care homes?
7. I own a business, and I have never allowed smoking. Do I still have to put up a "No Smoking" sign?
8. If I call in a smoking complaint as the manager of a business, will I be liable for a fine?
9. Does this law affect tobacco self-service displays?
10. Are signs required and where can they be obtained?
11. Where should no smoking signs be posted?
12. Do signs need to be posted in each business within a larger office building or just on the main entrances to the building?
13. Does the law apply to work vehicles?
14. Is smoking prohibited at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings?
15. What are the penalties for breaking the law?
16. Can people smoke in a business when it is not open to the public such as after hours, on weekends, or on holidays?
17. Is smoking allowed in Class A or B Clubs like VFWs or American Legions?
18. What is the impact of the lawsuits filed related to the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act?
19. What steps to businesses need to take to comply with the law?